What do I wish for this year? Happiness . . . is on Top of my list

So, What do I wish for this year ? How to be Happy? Should I Create Happiness Goals . . . Where do I start?

In our quest for happiness, we often tend to overthink things. Most of us probably think we need to spend a ton of money so that we can be happy. Is this true?

Well, I know one thing for sure – I want happiness . . . .
How do I translate happiness . . . .
Where do I look for it?
Or rather How can I build a framework around being happy?

Well, today I am going to share with you a few tips on How to be happy . . . .
But promise me you will try it . . .
YESPut these tips in Action . . .

” A PERSON Who never made mistakes never tried anything new – Albert Einstein”

So try this and let me know if it helped . . . .

Why Helping Others Can Make You Happy?

Not all heroes wear capes. Plenty of heroes go about their charitable ways without expecting anything in return. But why are so many people keen on helping others?
What’s in it for them?
This is what you’re going to find out today . . . .

1. Helping others give you a sense of purpose

Living your life without a sense of purpose is akin to you travelling without a destination in mind.

Your purpose can be any number of things, but helping others is a good start.
Because you can see how many lives you’ve touched, how many people you’ve helped out.

There’s not a lot of requirements to start helping someone out.

You just need the heart, the willingness, and the patience, to share your time, skills and perhaps your intentions to get started.

2. You feel good about yourself (why?)

Cause When you help others, you’re also helping yourself and your self-esteem.
You start feeling like you’re finally good for something in this life.
You quite literally feel like a million bucks.
Your confidence rises, and you’ll make decisions you can live with, no more indecisiveness and second guessing yourself.
You’ll finally able to feel good about yourself – your final goal being – a step towards happiness. . . .

3. Form meaningful relationships

When you help others, you instantly form a bond with them.
This is especially true in situations where your help can mean the difference between someone’s success or failure, or even life or death, providing a need for something, emotional support, just being there for them, listening to them . . could be anything . . .
The people you help will feel a sense of gratitude towards you & your intentions.

4. Helps you reflect on your blessings

When you’re out helping others, you’re able to take a look at yourself and your living situation from other people’s perspectives.
You’ll realize how lucky and fortunate you are to be in a position to help.
This realization will help you stay grounded and humble.
You will feel Gratitude for everything . . .  your life, your dreams, your future, your health, your relationships and much more. . . . . . .

So are you going to make a difference in your life?

Are you going to take this step towards evolving yourself into a better version of yourself! The end result serves >> you being happier 🙂

I hope this helped 🙂

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