10 Essential things Every Social Media Manager does on Facebook !

Do’s and Don’ts of Social Media & Facebook Marketing

  1. Do Define Your Goal First
    One way to avoid being overwhelmed by the Facebook Ads platform is by defining your objective upfront. Once you map out your strategy and define your goal it will be easier for you to select an objective when you start setting up your campaigns.
  2. Do Personalize Your Campaigns
    Select audiences that make sense to your offer and your objective and give them the right type of incentive. This will give you a greater chance of increasing conversions.
  3. Do Your Research
    One of the best ways to make sure that you are successful on each new campaign that you launch is by researching the results of similar brands promoting similar products on Facebook ads.
  4. Do Take Care of Copy
    Advertising copy has to be brief and persuading. Don’t go beating around the bush and describe your offer to the point. That encourages people to take action on the spot!
  5. Do Follow Up
    Once you convert customers with your Facebook ads make sure to follow them up with incentives such as prizes and discounts to build an engaging relationship.
  6. Do Split Test Your Campaigns
    Always test two or more variations of the same campaign, each one with different targets, or different copy, or different design elements, or both.
  7. Do Use High Quality Assets
    It is not only important to use images, videos and icons on your ads to make them pop up on the timeline, it is also important that they are of the highest quality possible.
  8. Do Always Include A Call To Action
    It’s always safe to include a call to action that leads to your objective to increase click throughs, even when you think that an ad does not call for one.
  9. Do Monitor Your Active Campaigns
    The best way to learn about how to properly optimize your campaigns is to monitor them while they are running, so make sure to track them daily through your ads manager.
  10. Do Retarget
    Facebook is the only platform that allows you to serve and retarget from the same – which is essential for every business using social media for their reach and conversions.

Got it 🙂