10 Obvious Strategies to drive Targeted Traffic to your Blog!

Want more relevant traffic on your blog, target your audience with these blogging tips:

This eventually implies driving as much targeted traffic to your blog as could reasonably be expected.
Increasing traffic and increasing opt-ins will build your reputation, authority and sales– and vice versa. Your blog will grow when more people link to you, trust you and post about you.

Find some of the proven strategies to grow your blog audience faster.
1. Keep interacting within the community

Focus on creating partnerships and strong relationships with other bloggers in the
community. Figure out ways of helping other bloggers in your niche. Seek your  target audience, leave useful comments, share other people’s content on social

2. Write guest posts

Check out some tips to do guest blogging.
1 Identify niche blogs with good engagement and social shares.
2 Before pitching them, connect with the owner of the blog.
3 Make a perfect email pitch telling the blogger how you will help them.
4 Write good blog posts even for guest blogs.
5 Build an email list using your guest posts
6 Promote your post effectively
7 Respond to comments to increase engagement and get noticed

3. Think of your audience and write content

To grow readership faster, publish the right content for your target audience. Create content for their needs and soft spots. Because when you publish the right content consistently, those readers will stick around and proud to share it with their family and friends. Spot emerging trends with Google Alerts and write newsworthy content to get visibility.

4. Add social share buttons to your blog

To encourage social shares, make it easy for your audience to share content by
adding social share buttons on your blog. When you get more social shares, chances are that you’ll get more traffic. This can be made easier by using WordPress Plugins available. Chances are that for each new person that shares your content, more new readers will find their way to your blog.
Limit the use of social share buttons if they are not in use. Try to show share counts only if you get a lot of social shares. Avoid if they are less. That could have a negative impact. Adding tweet boxes to share a quote or tip can also go a lot way in getting more audience to follow you.
One of the best ways to grow your blog audience is to use social media advertising to promote shares of your blog posts on Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Twitter as much as possible.

5. Giveaways and contests

They act like lead magnets by getting shares, reviews, comments, follows,
hashtags. It’s a powerful way to boost your growth and establish an online

6. Don’t stop after writing. Promote

There’s a lot more to promoting a blog post than publishing it to your social media
accounts. Promotion tactics will vary from niche to niche, as all are different. Create your own blog post promo checklist.

Here are some obvious promotion tactics that you can add to your checklist:
1. To Email your subscribers
2. To Share on social networks
3. To share on popular social bookmarking sites
4. To share on niche social bookmarking sites
5. To Let know people whom you’ve mentioned

7. Hook your readers with awesome headlines

No reads, no sharing, No traffic if you fail to hook your readers with your headlines.
You want them to read your posts, you have to create attention-grabbing headlines
for your blog posts.

8. Simplify user experience on your blog

Every element on your blog must have a defined purpose, if it doesn’t serve any
reader needs – it probably shouldn’t be there. Make it clear who your blog is for and how your blog will help them. Consider removing anything that doesn’t have a
purpose. Try to improve page loading times. Keep main navigation menu simple and focused.

9. Be accessible to your audience:

Engage with your readers. Respond to them and involve them in your content. All
this will help cultivate a stronger community around your blog.
Allow visitors to leave comments on your blog that will concert your site with
informational articles into a community. Visitors will keep coming back when they
know they can ask the author questions and interact with other readers.

10. Ask visitors what they want to read

You can add a quick survey feature to your blog wherein visitors can submit a
topic idea. A survey not only helps you learn more about what your visitors
want, but also ensures that you won’t run out of blog post ideas.

You can grow your audience by using these proven tactics and some others
would help you make your audience coming back for more of your content.
The key is to think of more ways to keep new visitors on your blog longer and
get them to subscribe before they go.