18 Practical Ways to Improve one’s Self-Esteem

How can one Improve Self-Esteem in a Practical way?

1. Keep a positive attitude. Look at the glass half full. When something bad happens look at it as on opportunity to grow or learn something new.

2. Visualization. Visualize your life the way you want it. Be detailed and keep the image in your head to remind you through out the day.

3. Affirmations are key. Affirm what you are doing well as well as what you are going after. This also helps you stay positive.

4. Keep your eye on your goal. Whatever you are wanting in your life, keep focused on it. Do not let other things in life get in your way and distract you.

5. Move forward. Even baby steps are better than standing still. As long as you
are moving towards your goal, even if it is slowly, atleast you are accomplishing something.

6. Write it down. By writing your goals down, you are externalizing your internal feelings and thoughts. It also helps you stay focused.

7. Commit it to memory. By memorizing words, phrases, or images that conjure the way you want to be, you provide yourself with a mental environment to take hold of that dream.

8. Let it go. Let go of the past and its weight and disappointments. It has no part
in who you want to be, so let it float on by.

9. Believe it. Say it, think it, and believe it. Believing in a different way creates
attitude changes which create action changes, which creates life changes.

10. Own it. Make your vision your own. Take ownership of it like it is your prized possession. It is yours and no one can take it away.

11. Practice thanksgiving. A thankful attitude produces a life and a heart that is ready to receive. It also allows you to put things into perspective.

12. Listen to yourself and follow your instinct. You are the one and only expert on yourself. Trust your instincts.

13. Be clear. Have a clear picture in mind as to what you want for your life. Keep the image in your mind and put yourself in that picture.

14. Be precise. Know exactly how and what your life is to be. Once you have figured that out, starting acting like it is reality. Trust me, this works.

15. Be patient. Change takes time. Be patient with yourself as you try on different version of how you want your life to be.

16. Allow yourself to receive. Most people have a hard time receiving from others.
Thank them for their contributions and enjoy the gift. Knowing the feeling of receiving encourages you to give more as well.

17. Educate yourself. Whatever you goal in life is, however you envision yourself, learn about it. Delve into the topic with full gusto, learning the ins and outs of the dream. This makes it real and attainable.

18. Support yourself. Self doubt can creep in and zap the energy away from the law of attraction in no time. Know in your heart that you can do it, then begin
to live it.

Conclusion – Live it one day at a time. The only moment that we can control is the moment that we are in. Accept it and enjoy it, and just maybe you will enjoy the next one too! That’s what I do 🙂