5 Facebook Remarketing Tactics every Social Media Expert practices!

Top 5 Facebook Remarketing Tips

Keep your text short in Facebook Ads

The Facebook ad platform has a powerful algorithm that can gauge how good looking an ad is just by checking how much text is filling it up, and whether it is correctly spaced or not!

The reason behind this is that it is easier for users to ignore and ad filled with text as that kind of ad is already saturating all parts of the internet, so users think of those as nothing special and pass them by, so keep your ad text at the bare minimum and on point!

Always – Include a call to action in your FB Ads

This is supremely important, because your ads have to be all about invitation and about converting your impressions into conversions! When you include a call to action into your ads what you are actually doing is driving users towards a commitment and then towards an action.

Facebook makes that matter easy because it gives you the option to add a “call to action button” right into your ad. It will look as part of a post, which works better, and you can additionally add calls to action both in your post title and description, so proceed wisely!

Constantly Remarket with recommendations on facebook

If a segment of your audience has bought something from you, then the logical next step is to offer them something different that is at the same time related to what they bought you before, and you can do so through remarketing with product recommendations based on their purchases.

This can be great for helping you with three things: with capturing new clicks, as they will not be presented the same ad, with getting more shares, because if they liked your product they will want to show what you offer to others and with getting new conversions!


Regularly Segment your audience

You probably believe that marketing to the largest number of people is the safest way to promote something, but doing so is nothing more than a hit and miss strategy that will only hurt your budget in the short term and your return on investment in the long run.

The wisest thing to do is to segment your audience and market to them in accordance to the characteristics, wants and needs of the people that make it up!

Never forget the Facebook platform gives you one of the most powerful segmenting tools available in any online advertising platform!