5 Frequently Asked Questions on Social Media Marketing

#1 FAQ : Does Social Media Marketing Help Your Business Make Money?

Yes, social media marketing will help your business make money, just don’t expect to see big financial results after only a few days of running social media marketing campaigns.

Your business will make money off social media marketing down the line because it helps you grow your business through exposure. When you get the right message in front of the right audience, your audience grows. And the bigger your audience, the more customers you get, and the more your business grows. If your business grows, then you will make money.

#2 FAQ : What If You Don’t Implement Social Media Marketing To Grow Your Business?

While it is true that social media marketing works better for some businesses in certain niches, not using social media marketing can actually hurt your business.

This is because building a social media presence is CRUCIAL. When you have an optimized social media presence and you interact with that audience, you build social proof that keeps your brand relevant.

On the other hand, a business that doesn’t have an active social media presence is at best perceived as unsuccessful and out of business, and at worst it is considered suspicious.

#3 FAQ : What’s The Best Way to Measure the Success of Your Social Media Marketing Plan?

Common metrics that will tell you how successful your social media marketing plan is doing are traffic, click-through rates, and the number of followers and interactions your business gets on social media networks, all compared to updated industry benchmarks.

Now, what determines how well social media marketing is influencing your bottom line is how many people are actually becoming repeat website visitors, how many of them become qualified leads, and how many of them end up becoming repeat customers.

#4 FAQ : If Your Business Is Active On Social Media, Can You Skip Maintaining A Blog?

Absolutely not! Maintaining a blog where you publish relevant content, content that is original, helps your business stay at the top of search engine results pages, builds your site’s authority, and improves your organic reach.

You will actually benefit by maintaining a blog if your business is active on social media because you can use your social media reach to create more backlinks for your content. It is all part of the same content marketing strategy!

#5 FAQ : Does Social Media Marketing Change The Way Brands Influence Potential Customers?

Yes, definitely. It used to be that brands could influence people into making purchases by showcasing an offer and tell them to buy.

On social media, the way to influence a potential customer base is by engaging them, not by talking about your products or services, but simply by starting and joining conversations with your audience.

By simply interacting with them on a level that feels personal, you will be influencing potential customers into trusting your brand and into liking what you sell, which will influence them into accelerating purchasing decisions down the line, favoring your business over others.

#Bonus 6 FAQ
Is Social Media Marketing Better For Business-To-Consumer Companies, Or For Business-To-Business Companies?

Both business models benefit from social media marketing in different ways. If you run a b2c company, your social media strategy has to focus on the customer experience, which means that you have to create fun, entertaining, user-oriented posts that are meant to fill the emotional needs of your target audience. The benefit is that you can find your audience on basically all social media sites.

If you run a b2b company, however, you have to focus on providing value to other companies by sharing industry-oriented content. The benefit is that your audience is so narrow and specific that you will find it on a handful of social networks, the most popular of which is LinkedIn.

I hope this helped 🙂