5 Reasons Why Case Studies drive Sales!

As a Digital Marketer its important to Include & Write Case Studies in your content.

In today’s hectic, media-frenzied world, people are bombarded by hundreds or even thousands of advertising messages every single day.
Therefore, to maintain their sanity, most people have become more immune to advertising. They can’t possibly devote their full attention to every message they receive, so they’ve learned to “scan” and “filter” the messages they receive in a matter of a split-second or two.

So, to succeed today – marketing must cut through the “advertising filter” and get attention and interest from target prospects. That’s where writing a CASE STUDY – gets very effective & can get you Attention!

A case study is just a fancy name for a success story – the tale of a happy customer and his or her experience using a product or service.

5 Points to Remember while writing a Case Study –

  1. Use customer testimonials extensively
  2. Acknowledge any doubts or “sneaking suspicions” your prospect may already have
  3. Don’t make claims that could sound “too good to be true”
  4. Use lots of specifics, if need be, use Charts & Graphs.
  5. Have Personal stories in your promotion, since they are entertaining and engage people on a personal level!

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3 Reasons why you must write a Case Study :-

1. Case studies are not difficult to write. They are similar in style and format to a newsletter article. So if you can write one of those, you can write a case study.

2. Case studies are relatively short.  Usually about 400-600 words in length. Try adding an Image for authenticity. Once you’ve gained a little experience, you’ll be able to knock one off in less than a day.

3. The formats are standardized. Unlike ads and direct mail, you won’t get stressed out by having to come up with a dazzling new concept or killer headline. The basic structure of a case study is remarkably simple. All that’s required of you is to get the facts and write a good piece.

Others may mistakenly think that case studies are dull or technical. Not true! Case study writing is storytelling. It’s fun.

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