Brilliant Case Studies on how these companies used Youtube for their business!

YouTube Marketing plays an important role to help you stand out within the competitive environment. Integration of YouTube in your online marketing campaign will assist you in driving more potential customers towards your brand. Lets see how these Big Brands have used Youtube – for brand awareness, traffic and sales!

Gillette deals in razors, skin care, shave gels and shaving foam products. It provides men’s grooming products across the globe. The company wanted to take advantage of micro moments which are basic shave, trimming, and shaving specific facial hairstyles to increase sales and engagement with their audience. More than 50 YouTube video tutorials were created with unique video content. They also took advantage of YouTube’s demographic targeting.
Results: Gillette uploaded 895 videos onto its YouTube channel, which gained more than 24 million views and gathered 22,000 subscribers. How to shave- shaving tips for men got more than 1.5 million views, 1000 likes and 500 comments.

Zagg is an innovator of scratch-protection and accessories for portable devices including shields, skins, keyboards, cases and many more.
Zagg engages and educates its customers using the power of demonstration and flexibility of video.
The objective of Zagg was to boost the traffic to their YouTube channel to get new customers and educate them as to how their products work.
They uploaded 2 videos per week to foster audience interest and curiosity. YouTube ads, constant listening and answering questions from their audience regarding their product demonstration also boosted their brand awareness.
Results: They got 13 million views on their branded YouTube channel for a specific product, and targeted video increased their conversion rate by 75%.

LSTN Headphones
LSTN Headphones is a manufacturer of headphones, earbuds, speakers and apparel. The aim of LSTN is to provide standard products to generate funds for hearing restoration, and make people aware of hearing loss.
With all these, the company was also looking to grow their business. LSTN Headphones took advantage of YouTube video ads to gain new customers.
They paid special attention to inform their audience of their objective with genuine emotions, so users could feel good about advocating for a positive cause.
Results: YouTube advertising assisted them to present the gift of hearing to more than 20,000 people globally – resulting in 20,000 sales !