Facebook Marketing will get You Tons Of Visitors. Here’s How!

10 Ways Facebook Marketing can grow your business : –

  1. Follow the 80/20 rule for posts

The 80/20 rule for posts should be remembered while posting anything on your wall. While posting, play with the mixture of 80/20 to get the best results.

Keep 20% of the content relevant to the products or services of your brand. 80% of the posts made by you should be social, but relate to your brand and the targeted audience.

  1. Revert your customers as soon as possible

Have great customer service to give the best experience. Facebook allows you to connect with your customers and answer their questions without signing into another account.

Facebook’s wall, forum, status updates and other features let you communicate and solve their technical and other questions, post new product upgrades or offer an FAQ section. Even your fans can answer each other’s questions and communicate through this.

  1. Establish your fan following organically

Don’t force your followers to share your page with others in order to gain more audience. By doing this, click rates increase which may lead to lower conversion because many of them have no interest in it.

Motivate your followers to share with those who can be your potential customers. Promote yourself by saying that they can find you on Facebook.

  1. Update once or twice each day

Being active on social media is good, but being over active can hamper your social image. Post updates only once or twice a day. Posting too much information about your brand can make your fans stop following you.

There are chances that your post may get lost in the timeline of your follower because they may not get some important information.


  1. Ask questions and use engaging content

Posts that include questions are 92% more likely to receive comments as compared the simple posts on a news wall. You should upload content that is a little engaging.

These types of posts grab the user’s attention to your page. Posts having questions at the end receive 15% higher overall interaction. These types of posts receive higher comment rates as compared to the posts that have questions in the middle of the post.

  1. Provide a giveaway

Providing a giveaway is a new trending concept in the field of marketing. It means running various contests, promotions and sweepstakes to engage your customers and increase followings.

A contest with tempting prizes is enough by itself to drive targeted traffic to your site. As a Facebook marketer, you should not miss a single chance to initiate an increase in sales and customer engagement.

  1. Request for feedback

The comments that receive the most posts on Facebook are the ones which are posted in the form of question. Ask your follower to comment on it, listen and see what they reply. Request a reply from your targeted audience and have them give you feedback about the uploaded content.

This feedback will help you see the usefulness and popularity of your content. It also helps in judging which type of content your users are finding more engaging.

  1. Take advantage of visual content

Facebook marketing has created many ways of attracting traffic to your page. You can post photos and videos related to your products and services.

If you are situated locally, then you can post photos of your employees and the events you organize. This will create an impact on your targeted audiences. Motivate your targeted customers to share them so that more audiences can reach you.

  1. Show your personality

Don’t post dull and uninteresting posts on your wall because it will bring you the same. You have to present your product and services efficiently and in an attractive manner so that they can bring more targeted customers to you.

Adopt ways of engaging your audience so that your page drives a lot of traffic. Show your content excitedly so that it is adopted by the audience easily.


  1. Use checklists

Make checklists so that you can complete all your tasks that have been planned for creating brand loyalty. Before posting, have a look over the strategies of your competitors and do it better than them.

Try to use content that is engaging and relevant according to your brand so that it can drive targeted traffic to your page and increase your potential customers. Use keywords that are related to your content to increase your CTR.


I hope this helped 🙂