How do I create relevant & valuable content to increase engagement ?

One very important engaging tip is Questions. People are on Social Media to give their opinions! Seriously, take a step back and watch how people react / respond on Social Media, they are there to make a difference or at least try to.

So -> You ask real questions. (the keyword here being ‘REAL’)

In traditional marketing, we’re good at asking rhetorical questions. We know that by asking the right questions we can connect with our readers more deeply.

With social media, you need to ask real questions.

If you have ever managed or written for a Facebook Wall, you know that the certain way to get more Likes and Comments is to ask a question. When you do that, you are inviting response. And, unless you have a pretty dead page, you’ll get some answers.

Then what? Then you have to respond to some of those answers.

Again, the prospect of really asking questions and really taking notice of the replies may not come naturally to many traditional marketers and writers.

But do it right, and questions become a key way not only to win the trust of your readers, but also to achieve deeper insights into what they like, don’t like, and what they really want… and based on that you continue your engagement!