How to Structure & Write a good Blog Post for Business – Start blogging Series-2

If you want people to come back for more after reading your blog for the first time,
write posts that people love to read! The way you develop, write and organize
content determines whether or not readers are attracted to your blog posts. And it’s not hard to do if you have a process.

Follow these tips and seek feedback from your audience and you can be confident that you’re writing good blog posts.

These tips will help you create posts that are easy for readers to follow and digest, and make them loyal fans of your blog.

#1: Brainstorm ideas to outline Your Topic

To start developing content for new posts, you need to collect ideas.
Because inspiration often occurs outside of the office, make a habit of saving ideas for titles, topics and even paragraphs in tools like Evernote, Google Drive or Basecamp as you think of them.

Now you can take the ideas you’ve collected and share them with interested groups
inside your company (such as department heads or managers) to see if anyone can
contribute even more examples or anecdotes to help you take the post further.
This collaboration helps flesh out an idea and links it to other ideas or content you might not have considered. Some of this input may also help create the sections that make up your post.

After the brainstorming session is over, create an outline.
Divide your post into themes and subthemes.

Place your content in an organized structure that everyone will be able to easily follow.

#2: Start writing and structuring your Post

Now you’re ready to pull everything together. Make sure that from start to finish, the structure of your post is easy for readers to follow.

  • Write great introduction
    The first paragraph of a blog post should always introduce what your post is about. You can engage readers by starting with a question or by quoting something relevant, though always from a personal point of view.
    A good introduction explains the topic and draws your reader in.
    You can use up to 60 words in the first paragraph to connect with your audience.
    The short introduction of the blog post clearly and concisely explains its
    topic in just a few words.
  • Break up the post in sections
    As you write the body of your post, try to find ways to guide the reader along and make the content more accessible.
    Divide your post into sections to break up your content into small pieces that are easily digestible, and then add headings.
    Add section headings to make the post easier to follow.
    Keep in mind that you’ll probably change the headings within the post several times as you’re writing it.
  • Make content easy to comprehend
    An average reader only understands 60% of what they read? So you have to make your content understandable and easy to read.
    How do you do that?
    1 First, split your content into multiple, easily recognizable parts.
    2 See the headings on this article? They’re there to help you scan the article.
    3 Next, create space throughout your content.
    Here’s a tip: Make a list. Why a list?
    Well, lists are:
    1 Easy to read and scan.
    2 Show multiple ideas in a single a glance.
    3 Are trendy.
    4 Are great at making the point that lists are great.
    5 Bullet points help readers connect with your content so they understand it
    more clearly and easily. Use them to make statistics, products, action steps
    and other information stand out.

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