How to Increase Followers quickly on Twitter?

Simple & Easy ways to Get Followers on Twitter

Okay, so you’ve registered an account and set up your profile. You now understand the basics of Twitter Marketing symbols/language. And you’re most likely following a few people.

Of course, Twitter is useless as a marketing tool if you don’t have followers, so this should be your main objective.

First of all, go to Facebook, and any other social networking sites you use. Post a link to your new Twitter account in your status update, urging people to follow you. In other words – Announce to the World that you have arrived on Twitter!

In your email, put the Twitter link in your signature, and do the same for forums.

If you already have an email list, send out a blast talking about your new Twitter account and encouraging them to follow you. If you have a blog, write a post about it. If you use WordPress, you’ll also want to install a plugin that will easily allow your visitors to follow you. I’ll cover that in more depth later on.

Basically, make your Twitter account visible wherever you have an internet presence.

Another way to gain followers is by simply following others. When you follow someone, they are notified by email. Very often, they’ll be curious about you, check out your profile, and likely follow you back.

However, you have to be strategic. Don’t expect results by following celebrities or extremely popular users, as they probably won’t even notice you. Don’t follow random strangers – why on earth would they be interested in you or what you’re selling anyway?

One awesome function of Twitter is the ability to search what people are talking about. If you have a blog about gardening, you can search the keyword “gardening” and it will pull up everyone Tweeting about gardening.

You can even search for phrases such as, “need help gardening” or “plants keep dying”, etc. This way, you can find people in your niche who are suffering from a problem that you can (hopefully) resolve.

Keep in mind that you can only follow around 100 people each day. It sounds like a lot, but if you use the Twitter search engine you might reach that limit sooner than you think.

(I recommend that you follow less than 100 people per day, particularly when you have less than 2,000 followers. Larger accounts can often find that they can follow more people without a problem, however Twitter has a hard limit of 5,000 accounts in total.)

After you have been on Twitter for a while, look at your tweet history. Are you selling too hard? Not selling enough? Are you providing value with your tweets or just rambling on about random stuff every day? Would YOU follow yourself?

Analyze your tweets carefully and modify your strategy accordingly. Just as with a PPC campaign, monitor, track, and make changes as needed.

Make your tweets interesting – a few tips

Just as with your blog, website, and forum posts, your main goal should be to provide value. If you can manage to do that, you’re golden!

Here are easy ways to provide value that don’t take much effort at all:

  • Retweet an interesting update from someone that you’re following.
  • Offer links to free and interesting stuff, like articles, pictures, and videos (not all your own stuff).
  • Comment on current events / news.
  • Post funny/profound/inspiring quotes.
  • Tweet about interesting things that happened in your day or upcoming events that you’re excited about. (actual things that your followers will be interested in, not the new episode of American Idol airing tonight…. unless your niche is American Idol of course!)
  • Find something on Social Media Circuit that really catches your attention. Write a blog post about it first, and then link to your blog post in your tweet. This way, instead of linking directly to the source, you’re linking to your own blog. If it’s something really neat it may go viral, causing a potential hurricane of traffic!