How to select Targeted & Relevant Strategy for a Display Ad Campaign?

7 Points to build successful Display Network strategies:

Digital Marketing’s Display Network is the best online visual advertising method to analyze your ROI. It is generally done on a CPM (Cost-Per-Mile) basis. You need to keep in mind the following points to build successful media buying strategies:

1. Why:

Why do you want to use Digital Display Network and what are you attempting to accomplish, such as: increase sales, improve ROI and brand awareness, building a community, expand your reach, and many more

2. Who:

Your audience is whom you want to target and attract to visit your website. You can define audiences by targeting them per their demographic such as:  age, gender, interest and profession, etc. You can also take advantage of geographical targeting to target them according to their locations.

3. Where:

Where can you look for your potential customers, which websites do they visit and where can you advertise to get them? You need to find websites related to your niche where your audience visits and advertise your campaign on those to get more and more visitors.

4. For how long:

You have to set the time span when you want to run your ad on a particular website. To do this, you need to analyze the particular time frame when your targeted audience can be easily reached.

5. What is the Budget:

How much money can you spend on your Display Network campaign? Defining the cost will help you manage your complete campaign expenses easily. You can start advertising with less than Rs. 2500, and you can spend as much as you want.

6. Type of Media Buying:

Which type of Display Network method are you going to use in your marketing strategy? Are going to use Direct Buying – contact owner directly and put ad on their website, or Intermediate – where you go via online companies for e.g. Double Click by Google

7. Use tracking:

What are your tangible goals, such as: what is your ROI, how many sales and clicks you received, how many new followers you get, etc? You need to analyze your Display Network campaign to know about your ROI, sales and followers.

Once you have executed the above 7 points – watch your Digital Strategies bloom!