Clear and Unbiased Facts about Instagram hashtags without all the Hype

No Instagram caption would be complete without hashtags.
Hashtags are labels that help social media users to find specific information relevant to a keyword or string of keywords. If you are going to use hashtags as a marketing tool then it has an advantage!

You can add hashtags to your captions by typing a hash character or numeral sign followed by the word, phrase or string of keywords that you intend your leads to target. The maximum AND minimum number of hashtags that you should include in your posts is Eleven.

This is a powerful way to attract followers because users can find your products or promotions just by typing a particular keyword or by looking for a certain combination of keywords combined as a hashtag.

For example, you can use the “#healthcare”, “#eatinghealthy” and “#fresh” hashtags in your caption to make your post to appear among results for people targeting those keywords.

My final recommendation when it comes to hashtags is to create them as strings of keywords as opposed to single keywords because single keywords can yield too many results. Its best to use relevant keywords in your hashtags, that way you come across more trustworthy to the visitor.