5 LinkedIn AD Strategies to Watch out for

5 things to Watch out for – While doing LinkedIn Ads Marketing

  1. Don’t target a wrong demographic

    Targeting the wrong demographic, whether on LinkedIn or on any other advertising network, can have devastating effects on your campaigns and on your budget. It might seem obvious to you now, but wait until you are in the heat of the moment and see how easy it is for your judgment to be overridden by how cool your campaigns and ads will look to you, that you will probably forget that targeting is an act of careful planning!
    Examine your product, see where your competition is and then go check its audience. Deciding over targeting an audience on LinkedIn groups or targeting it by industry, to give you an example, can make a huge difference in the end.

  2. Don’t overlook how clicks and impressions perform

    It is of utmost importance to carefully follow the behavior of your campaign, because one day your clicks can maximize without you realizing, which can be good if you get results in the form of good Return on investment, but can be terribly bad if your targets don’t make a purchase and you are left paying for clicks that did not bring any result.
    What you have to do then is to closely watch how your campaigns are running. If your clicks are growing too rapidly, do not optimize your campaign for cost per click, because as we said, your budget will drain, your campaign will end before schedule and you will not see any results.

  3. Don’t set too many post variations to run a campaign

    Although you will have the option to create up to 15 variations of the same post to promote with your ads, it is not recommended that you run through all those numbers in one set, as doing this can only confuse your audience and fog the message that you are trying to send. What you have to do instead is to use no more than four posts and track them to see which ones work best.

  4. Don’t try to broaden too much

    We know that it is important and common sense to try to reach as large an audience as possible when promoting something on an audience network, but there is a reason for targeting options to exist, especially on LinkedIn.
    If you try too hard making your message appeal to an audience much larger than it should reach, you might end up with no reach at all. It is better to tailor your ads and your copy to reach the appropriate number of people than to only get a handful of clicks.

  5. Don’t use optimized rotation in the beginning

    Automated rotation is the option to make your most clicked through post to be served more often, up to 75% of the time over your other posts. This is great when you know which one of your posts is the most popular and the best performing one, but using optimized rotation when you first launch your campaign can lead you to get more clicks on the lowest quality post.

I hope this helped …… 🙂