The 9 don’ts you have to avoid while doing Email Marketing!

Email marketing is an excellent technique to organize an extensive audience for your products and services!

Stay focused on your email marketing campaign and eliminate these “don’ts” to build a perfect marketing strategy.

9 things to Avoid while doing Email Marketing –

  1. Don’t Purchase email lists

Purchasing an email list can be a time saving approach, but it will surely disturb your brand after some time. It is the one action that you should definitely avoid.

Forcing yourself into people’s inboxes is like encroaching on their space. Instead of disrupting people’s solitude by imposing your brand on them, cultivate your email list instinctively in the correct manner by mailing to opt-in leads only.

  1. Don’t ignore your campaign reports

Taking advantage of Email Marketing, but not analyzing your campaign outcome on a regular basis is a big no-no. Without measuring reports, you will not be able to observe your open rate, bounce rate, new subscriptions, and other analytics.

When you’re not engaged, you can have a decreased open rate and you’ll be worsening the chances of getting clicked regularly for each campaign. You should evaluate every campaign’s outcome to figure out the analytics and optimize accordingly for great results.

You should experiment with new ideas, calls to action and landing pages, and use your analytics to improve your email marketing campaign.

  1. Don’t send the same content over and over

Sending the same content can save you time, but it can harm your reputation. The functionalities of subscriber lists don’t matter, if you mail duplicate content. Duplication can diminish the engagement rate and your audience will not respond to your email.  Hence, your opening rate will decrease and your unsubscribe rate will increase.

So, be relevant with every email to keep your subscriber with you. Create fresh, unique and informative content without copying to improve new subscriptions and your open rate.

  1. Don’t use Offensive content

Everyone doesn’t think in the same manner. Your email may have irrelevant and low quality content that can hurt your audience’s feelings.

Never try to make a sale of your product and services via email. This may cause a lower opening rate, lower engagement, higher unsubscribing and bounce rate, which can harm your brand name.

Your email needs to be compatible based on your audience’s requirements.  Always try to engage your audience with your brand. You can tell them about your product’s benefits and other free content to get more subscribers and potential buyers. In every email, remind them about yourself and they will be more likely to complete a purchase from you.

  1. Don’t Send Emails too frequently

Every marketer and business need that subscriber to click and check for their revealing and impressive email instead of rolling their eyes. Increasing the frequency of your email can force your subscriber to opt to unsubscribe or mark you as spam. Overdoing it can harm your email marketing campaign.

Yeah, you can increase the frequency of your emails during the holiday season such as Cyber Monday, Black Friday and more. You can create numerous emails for numerous objectives to diminish the unsubscription.

  1. Don’t Spam

Never spam your prospective audience. If they see that you’re spamming, they will promptly request an opt-out from your email list. If there are too many emails stated as spam, your email marketing campaign can be blacklisted by email services.

Spam like subject lines, too frequent emails, unrecognizable email addresses, email with all images that users are unable to see, emails that look completely different from the pre-email and hiding the unsubscribe button are the types of emails that are sent to spam.

  1. Don’t forget to socialize

If you ignore placing social media links in your email, it means you’re losing your audience. Without social media links, you are limiting your reach.

Using social media links in your email can extend your reach and add an extra edge in your email marketing campaign. You can emphasize to them to follow you on social media. Thus, you can engross your prospective audience on other platforms and this will improve brand recognition and give you a second opportunity to remind them about your products and services.

This integration of email and social media will drive more customers toward your website, increase revenue and conversions.

  1. Don’t use too many offers

Don’t include too many offers in your email. It can become confusing to your prospective audience and they could become annoyed. Try to communicate with and engage your audience, instead of selling with email marketing.

With more images, more links and calls to action, your customers will be unable to find where to click. Multiple offers in an email can reduce the effectiveness and your chances to get to your goal. Don’t be in hurry and try to do it all at once. It can ruin your brand.

Use a single call to action with a proper landing page to maximize your open rate and conversions.

9. Don’t use too many graphics

Everyone knows that “a picture speaks a thousand words”, but that does not completely fit with email marketing. Some email services immediately ban images, and it becomes irritating when you click an email and no image appears; instead of text and graphic HTML elements.

Don’t use too many images which don’t fit into your email campaign. Use fewer images with a valid reason for their existence to improve your branding efforts. Take advantage of the numerous display options and file types, so that you can resize your image according to your campaign.