Top 10 Facebook Marketing Tips, you must definitely do!

Let’s keep this simple, These are some must dos Facebook Marketing Tips you can’t miss!

Facebook is by far the most popular social networking site of all time. With its millions of users, you will definitely have the tremendous online presence which you have always wanted to get. You will find no difficulty in reaching a wide target audience when promoting your products and services as well as establish your reputation as a leading company in your chosen niche.

Tip #1 – Make them like or share your page

Content is always the first thing that a Facebook user will consider when looking at your post. If you are serious about increasing the awareness of the public about your company, then you must always provide valuable and interesting content to them. By doing so, those who read your post will either like it or even share it on their Facebook wall. By doing this, you will be able to reach a wider audience with the help of one person who liked your post or page. Imagine what it can do if there were hundreds of users who shared your page to their walls.

Tip #2 – Post Valuable and Related Content

When you are posting something on your Facebook page, you have to make sure that it is informative and relevant to what your company is actually offering. This only means that you have to concentrate on topics wherein you can easily connect to the products or services which you are offering.  You can write about a specific current event, articles, pictures or videos which can easily be tied to your company.  Once you have done this, you can even ask other users to take part by letting them post their comments or questions if any.

Tip #3 – Use Various Types of Content

What is so good with Facebook is that you can post any type of content that you like. You can use plain text, add in a couple of photos or even use videos with caption. Take advantage of the features offered by this social networking site and make the most out of it.

Tip #4 – Facebook Ads

Facebook also has its own advertising feature. These classic ads can be found on the sides of the site.  You can use this to drive more traffic to your own Facebook Business page or to your company’s main site.  An ad would contain a featured image, a brief description, a call to action and a link which you can use to direct the viewers to your fan page or to your main site.

Tip #5 – Timely Response

It is very important that you pay attention to your viewers especially those who have comments or questions about your posts. The thing with social media is that you are expected to interact with your viewers and you have to keep up with it. Therefore, replying promptly to their concerns should be on top of your priority. Doing this would let your viewers know that you exist and they can interact with you. If you fail to do this, you can expect your fan page to drastically weaken in an instant.

Tip #6 – Regular Posting Is a Must

In contrast to the conventional way of media marketing, using an online social media requires you to provide regular posts with fresh and valuable content. Facebook users would appreciate business pages that are capable of providing them with new and informative content on a regular basis.

Tip #7 – Be As Creative As You Can

When creating your business fan page, you really do not have to be as stiff as a board all the time. You will be considered as boring by several users. Be creative. Be funny. You can make each and every post you share as enjoyable as possible.  Yes, you want to promote your products and services as well as tell them about your company but you can always do this by being enticing, interesting, relevant and delightful as well. This will trigger better interaction with your viewers, therefore, increasing your online presence and the public’s awareness of your brand.

Tip #8 – Add Business Apps to Your Page

It is also important that you add the necessary applications to your Facebook business page.  This will greatly help in making sure that your viewers will have a good user experience when browsing your page. Aside from that, they will get to enjoy your page which is not only informative and interesting but also fun and interactive.

Tip #9 – Try Facebook Contest

Almost all individuals love to participate in contests. The thrill and the excitement it gives are amazing. So, why not employ this on your Facebook business page? Think of an interesting type of contest and give it a go! It will improve engagement & followers!

Tip #10 – Measure Your Marketing Efficiency in Facebook

In every marketing strategy, you have to find out if what you have actually implemented is providing you with the results which you are expecting. Look into your Analytics – Allot sometime in finding the right tool to measure the efficiency of your marketing strategy in Facebook.

Remember, social media marketing requires time and a lot of effort so do not expect to see tremendous changes in a just a couple of days. Give it time and be genuinely enthusiastic and committed with what you are doing and you will surely reap the benefits.