Top 10 FAQ’s regarding Facebook Marketing

Frequently Asked Questions – about Facebook Marketing

What Is “Facebook User Value”?

It is the cost of reaching a user through advertising. For instance, users that use Facebook for hours a day, that like and follow lots of pages, and that click on lots of ads are more expensive on average.

What Type Of Results Should You Expect From Using Facebook Ads?

Your end results will largely depend on your chosen objective and your overall performance. Other factors such as your budget and niche will also play a role. We recommend you to select the objective that best matches what you want to achieve through your Facebook ads to get a direct reading of your results.

Where Should You Position Your Ads?

There are only two possible placements for ads on Facebook: either on the right hand column or on the news feed. Ads on the right hand column tend to get more clicks because people know they’re adverts, but they’re less likely to convert than ads on the news feed, although that depends on what you are promoting. Right hand ads work better for direct sales ads, and news feed ads work better for promoting content.

How Much Should You Spend on Facebook Ads?

There are marketers out there getting awesome results because they’re spending thousands of dollars on their campaigns, and if your budget allows for it, you can and totally should go that route. However, you can start on a $5-30 daily budget and go up from there, as that is the sweet spot for trying out your new ad campaigns on the platform.

What Kind of Bidding Strategy Should You Select?

Your bidding strategy should be directly tied to your objective. Do you want to make more sales? Bid for conversions. Do you want to increase website traffic? Bid for Cost-Per-Clicks. Do you want to show your ads to as many people as possible to test the waters? Bid for Cost-Per-Mile.

What Is The Relevance Score?

The relevance score is a metric that will allow you to know how relevant your ad is to your target audience. It goes from 1 to 10, and it is not determined by how good looking your ad is, but by how relevant it is to the people that you are serving it to.

An ideal relevance score shouldn’t be less than 8. If your ads have a relevance score that is lower than 8, it means that you should either optimize your ad for your target audience, or to modify the audience that you are targeting.

What Type of Mistakes Can Lose You Conversions?

The most common cause of lost conversions is in landing page mistakes. And the most common include landing page designs that leave a bad first impression, calls to action and ads that send different messages, broad targeting, poor mobile optimization, and no images on the landing page.

How Fast Do Facebook Ads Work?

The average time at which a person responds and decides to convert after seeing an advert is 90 seconds, so take that into consideration when creating your ads.

Are There Any Factors Affecting Your Metrics That You Should Be Aware of?

“Junk” Clicks from mobile devices is a factor affecting your metrics because click throughs from mobile devices too often include taps made by mistake such as when a user is using a device with a small screen. Also, clicks from duplicates accounts or dummy accounts can affect an accurate reading of your metrics.

How Can You Avoid “Junk” Clicks?

The only solution is perhaps by skipping mobile advertising, which isn’t that bad in most cases, especially if you are promoting squeeze pages or want more website traffic.