Anyone aspiring to be a Youtuber? Tips on Video Creation!

Top Tips to Create Youtube Videos that Go. . . What makes a great video?

There are a number of answers to this question and actually what makes a great YouTube video is not necessarily the same thing as what makes a good video generally.
But there are certainly some things that will help to make your video more successful and more popular on YouTube, so follow these tips to take your video creation to the next level…

Keep it Short

Statistically, videos on YouTube that are shorter tend to do better. And in fact, this will also help you out as it means you can upload several videos a week rather than just one.
How long is optimum? Generally, the official recommendation is that your videos be between 3 and 3:30. However, anything under 10 minutes is generally going to be fine.
There’s a chance you might struggle with this however. After all, a lot of people will find that they want to cram in lots of extra information and make their videos as informative as possible – and of course this is a very admirable objective!
The answer then is not to make your videos less informative or less detailed but instead to focus on breaking them down.
If you have one video that covers every single last aspect of brain training, then try instead to make 3 videos, each tackling a different, specific aspect of your subject matter.

Get to the Point

Another way to make your videos shorter and more impactful is to cut the fluff. People click on videos because they want answers to a question or because they want entertainment. Thus your objective should be to try and provide them with those things as quickly as possible and not fill your videos with long, unnecessary chatter. Instead just get right to the point, right away.

Let Your Personality Come Across

The worst thing you can do is to film a video that makes you seem like someone who is completely bland and uninteresting but unfortunately this happens a lot. And it’s not because the people making those videos are bland and uninteresting!

Rather, it’s worth noting that the camera will sap energy and if you are being somewhat charismatic then that’s not enough. Be big, loud and enthusiastic almost as though you are acting what you’re saying and you’ll find out that it actually comes across as a lot less over the top when you’re watching it back. You have to increase your energy levels.
Meanwhile, let your sense of humor show, let your personality and preferences come across and try not to just read your script as though you were reeling it off in an English class! It takes practice but don’t worry – it will come with time and the best way to learn is to just practice.

Stand Out and Be Different

Also very important is to stand out and be different. Try to offer something in your niche that isn’t currently being offered rather than just making a rehash of what’s already out there.
In other words, if you’re making a fitness channel, then try to stay away from ‘How to Get Abs’ videos. These are done to death and there’s too much out there already for you to really offer something new.
How about posing a question that no one else has answered?
Or maybe approaching a subject matter in a new way?
You could create a training regime that’s inspired by the movies, you could use an unusual item to workout with or you could train in the rain.
Either way, you’ll be creating something that’s unique and different and that means that when people are scrolling through their YouTube home, they’ll be more likely to pause when they come to your offering and perhaps try it out!

Keep it High Energy

We talked about this a bit already but try to make sure that your video is high energy. In other words, avoid long pauses between your speech, avoid long static shots and generally keep the movement up.

This is what will make your videos engaging and what will keep people watching!