Video Marketing – Series 2. How to make your Video Script Work for you?

Getting the most out of your Videos! Your script is the soul and the heart of your video. This is why your script must focus like a laser on your niche. It also must do a good job delivering value.

> Deliver on the needs of your viewers:

  • People are watching your video for a reason.
  • They’re not doing it because they have nothing else better to do.
  • They have needs.
  • They have questions that they want to ask.
  • They have problems that they want you to solve.
Deliver on these:

Here’s the thing. Do not over-promise and under-deliver. I’ve seen this happen all the time with YouTube videos. This happens quite a bit with video game strategy videos. They promise you something really big and then after you watch the video, they drop the ball. It seems like the person who made the video completely forgot about his promise in the title.

How do you think that makes people feel? Do you think that that makes them want to trust you more? Do you think that makes your brand credible with them? Of course not.
If you’re going to make a promise, make sure you over-deliver. Regardless of what you do, over-deliver. Swing for the fences. Blast the ball out of the park.

If they expect 10, give them 1000. That’s how much you should over-deliver. Regardless of how you do it, deliver. Otherwise, your brand is toast.

> Call your viewer to action:

The funny thing about videos that I’ve seen on YouTube is that, for the most part, they do a poor job calling people to action. In fact, a lot of them simply just say, “click here” or “click at the description box” or “click the link.”
That’s not going to work. Why? Everybody else is doing that.

If you really want to stand out and you want to build a winning brand online.
You need to call people to action based on their needs.

For example, if I have a dog training video and I’m selling a dog training course, I would state my call to action in terms of the problem that the viewer has and the benefits my product brings to the table.

For example, I would say, “Click on the link in the description box if you are sick and tired of your dog tearing up your living room. The solution that you will learn is easy and quick on both you and your four-legged companion. Click the link now because you owe it to yourself.”
Do you see what it did there? It addressed the person’s needs.

You have to remember this person watching your video is not doing it because they have nothing else better to do. They have a problem that they want to fix. You then direct the script to the solution that you bring to the table. This way, when the person the clicks, their expectations are in the right place and you are more likely to convert that person. You’re more likely to turn that click into rupees in your bank account 🙂

> What is KLT? Importance of KLT in Video Marketing ?

Watch the Video to find out – 

> Remember to call them to action for subscription purposes

On YouTube, you can convert people in two ways. You can convert them by having them click on your link. Maybe your link goes to a sales page. Maybe it goes to an email subscription squeeze page. Whatever the case may be, it goes to another website and there is some sort of conversion going on there.

The second way you can convert people from YouTube is to ask them to subscribe. There’s a subscribe button that they can click. But here’s the secret. That channel subscription isn’t going to do much for you. You may have attracted a person who has subscribed to hundreds of channels. This person may be interested in your videos, but they’re also interested in many other kinds of videos.

It’s going to be very hard to get their one-to-one direct attention. You have to go the extra mile. You have to instruct the person to not only click the subscribe button, but they should also click the bell icon. YouTube has a bell icon that indicates email notifications.

This means that when you upload and publish a new video on YouTube, people who clicked on that bell icon will get an email notification. Since most people check their emails, this is one of the most powerful ways to boost your video views. Don’t overlook this tremendous opportunity.

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