Video Marketing – Series 1. How to make your Video Script Work for you?

Video Marketing is here to stay! Learn How to up your game with the Right Script?

Like it or not, videos are not just about appearances. You may have amazing graphics, but if your graphics do not get the right message across, you’re not going to succeed as well as you think.

Your video script must work. I know that seems pretty straightforward, but I want you to wrap your mind around that statement. It must work. This means you should go beyond graphics… We’re going beyond appearance here. We’re looking at your overall message. Let me tell you how it works.

Make sure you mention your keywords in your video

If you’re going to be uploading videos to YouTube, please understand that YouTube automatically transcribes your videos. It doesn’t necessarily publish this material, but this auto-transcription process enables Google, which is the engine behind YouTube, to “see” or “read” the keywords of your video.

If it turns out that you’re tagging the video with keywords that you don’t even mention in the actual content of the video, you might get penalized. It’s really important to make sure that if you use a keyword for your video in the form of a tag, categorization or in your description, you need to mention those keywords in the actual body of your video.

YouTube is that sophisticated. It’s getting harder and harder to cheat. Make sure that if you’re going to claim a keyword, mention it in the actual content of the video. This means that your keyword must flow naturally in your video’s script.

Get to the point quickly:

Most people hate rambling videos. Unless you are in a niche where rambling videos are expected, it’s not a good idea to beat around the bush. Get to the point as soon as possible. People are in a hurry, so get to it!

Get to the point in an attention-grabbing way

Now that I’ve made it clear that you have to get to the point quickly, this doesn’t mean that you just have to lay out the concept in a dull, flat, boring and lifeless way. That’s not going to work.

  • You must get to the point in a way that grabs the attention of your target user.
  • You have to speak to their needs.
  • You have to address their insecurities.
  • You have to appeal to their self-image, self-conception or their identity.
  • You may have to appeal to their emotions too.

There are so many ways you can do this. Regardless, you have to do it. You have to grab their attention. Otherwise, your video is going to fall flat. It’s not unusual for people to watch a video, get the info they need and move on. If you were to ask them where they got that info, they could not tell you, for the life of them.

That’s how boring, uninspired and flat the video was. Don’t create such videos. You have to get to the point and deliver value, but in an attention-grabbing way.

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Link to previous videos within your script

How in the world can you link to previous videos in your script? Well, by simply mentioning the previous videos that you did. This triggers people’s imagination. You call their attention to the fact that you have previous videos on certain topics. To make it easier for them to watch your previous videos, put captions with links to the specific YouTube video in your video.

Also, when you mention it within the video, direct their attention to the description section which has a link to that other video. However you do it, your video script must leverage the previous stuff that you did.

It’s like a blog post. You increase the chances that your visitor is going to click on an ad when that person clicks one link after another within the body of your content. You can do the same with video.

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