What are some Great Marketing tools to manage Instagram content?

Premium tools and Services to consider for Instagram Marketing


One of the most resounding complaints that you’ll hear from Instagram marketers is that it doesn’t allow them to schedule posts, which means that there’s no way to create a post to be posted later than now.

Now, there are other Instagram post scheduling apps on the market, sure, but “Grum” is the only one that allows you to create and schedule posts right from your desktop!


Ask a marketer what they wish they had, and he or she will tell you a crystal ball. Knowing what followers like and what they don’t is something that can take you lots of effort to unravel.

“Ink361” can help you to take off some of that load by allowing you to analyze competing accounts to see what their audience likes so you can apply some of their strategies on your own campaigns. In short, it is an app for actionable insight discovery.


One of the most popular practices on Instagram is to find popular accounts that have a large number of followers that meet the criteria of your target audience, follow them, then hope that doing so doesn’t backfire.

“Crowdfire” can help you to avoid all the guesswork by letting you see those that you follow but that are not following you back, then letting you to unfollow them with a simple click without you having to go to Instagram first!


There’s nothing more discouraging than mapping out a marketing plan that you see as perfect based on analytic data to later see it fail. “Iconosquare” is a dedicated analytics tool that will allow you to analyze data from all angles, such as what hashtags would work the best for you and what times of the day are best for posting.

A Color Story

Your images are more important to your Instagram marketing plan than you would think they actually are, and using an App such as “A Color Story” to enhance your marketing images will give your Instagram assets a look that is more professional and unique than what you would be able to achieve using Instagram filters.


Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could easily share your Instagram posts on channels other than your Integrated social accounts? Well we’ve got good news here, because you can use “SnapWidget” to easily embed your Instagram feed directly to your website, on autopilot!


Creating an interconnected community is one of the best marketing strategies out there, and one of the best ways to do it is by sharing content posted by others on your own Instagram feed. The “Repost” app will allow you to do it the easy way, by letting you repost photos and videos from other business accounts while also giving them credit, which can help you to attract followers from other popular accounts.


Snapping nice photos on Instagram is not hard, but creating engaging marketing images is different. “WordSwag” will allow you to easily add graphic elements to your photos. With this app you will be able to edit awesome marketing images in less than two minutes!


Knowing your audience is pretty tricky business. You can learn more about your audience by looking at what type of accounts they follow, how much they post, and so on, but learning about your audience gets much more difficult once it starts growing into the thousands.

And even so, what you will learn about the members of your audience is superficial. “SocialRank” is a marketing tool that will give you insights not about your audience’s behavior, but about its demographics, average number of members per gender, age, location, and others.


Selling stuff on Instagram has become commonplace, but is a bit of a clunky endeavor. “Foursixty” is an app that will allow you to directly redirect users to your product pages from your Instagram posts, making it easier for them to directly add items to a cart without having to look for your marketplace first.