What is best Strategy for Social Media Marketing in Astrology field?

Hi there, First I am going to help you with the Social Media Optimization bit – then go on to the Social Media Marketing phase.

As an astrologer – the first thing you are trying to do is gain the trust and faith of the people who may or may not end up giving you business ! Social Media for a field like yours is a slow and steady way of marketing. But the most relevant way of achieving your goals.

Do not expect results without giving free tips, advice and information regarding astrology – cause by doing this what you will achieve is their trust first, and then business. I always advise my students to be givers .. if you are not giving, you aren’t getting any business !
That’s the harsh truth. So giving out tips and advise is the optimization phase – use Images, Videos to do the same.

Coming to Social Media Marketing – this where the advertisement part comes in – paying for ads. So here you could have a creative where you have your image on the Creative with your profession –

My advice for the SMM part :-

  1. Start with the Reach Ads – in your local area (until unless you are going global with it) This format of Ad is very reasonable.
  2. Use demographics of your audience who is interested in Astrology – Add the demographics of gender – mostly women would be your prime clients – take the age into consideration – look at your previous clients and make an entire profile for the type of people who could end up giving you business
  3. Once you have done that – promote yourself with Video Marketing via Facebook – its very reasonable and cost effective again do that with the right audience.
  4. Later you could Re-market the people who watched your video with the Traffic Ads – and bring them to your website – if not website then you could make a lead form.