What is Media Buying or Banner Advertising all about?

All Digital Marketers use Media buying to get maximum ROI on their Ads!

Media buying is the business of purchasing advertising space and time on web, TV, radio or other digital media to run ads and reach customers. It helps businesses to get targeted traffic on their website.

But before buying online advertisements, there is a phase prior to that which is called “Media Planning”. It assists you to examine your competition and web pages where you are looking for buying the ad space.

Media Planning also helps you create landing pages, banners and placing ads for the ultimate organization. It becomes quite convenient for business owners to get the best results for their efforts.

Brands and agencies want to boost their brand awareness, increase sales, reduce time consumption in buying cycles, and give more time to analyze, learn and optimize performance in order to build an elegant media decision.

Media Buying is paid advertising media that varies from “earned” or “owned” media. By keeping a budget in mind, the very first step in media buying is that you need to determine when and where your ads should appear.

Media Buying comes in different formats, such as banner ads, text ads and video ads. You can buy media from Facebook, MSN, Twitter, TOI, Other Popular Websites, Book My Show, Money Control  and many more places. So discover and target the audience you are seeking and choose a time slot when your ad will be displayed online to get the best results.

So basically any platform that wants to rent out their space online – i.e. on their website – you could buy that space and run your ads!