What Is Online Advertising All About? ( Featuring Google AdSense)

Since Diwali is a Festival of Lights & Wealth generation – its time you started learning about How to make money with Online Marketing!

So, What is Online Advertising really all about?

Online advertising is, in simple terms, using the internet to deliver a marketing message through paid solutions. And because of its online nature, it can basically take form on any possible placement that you can imagine.

And what that means is that online ads can appear on every online place or channel made available to advertisers, as they are the digital equivalent of billboards. In fact, once you start digging in, you’ll be able to find all types of parallels to real-world advertisements.

The most common form of online ads can be found on blogs and websites, and they can be compared to newspaper and magazine ads. You will also find ads on YouTube videos, which are the internet version of TV ads, as well as other types of online ads that go a step further, such as mobile ads and in-app ads.

Online ads have such a wide reach that they are also natively integrated on social media platforms such as Facebook, where you are allowed to promote your own content affordably and without much hassle.

And the best part? Online advertising is not limited to big agencies with inflated advertising budgets. You don’t have to produce expensive materials, or to go through a lot of paperwork. You’ll simply have to have an engaging message, a target audience, and a killer product or service to promote.

And that is why online advertising has vastly surpassed offline advertising: because there are more people paying for online ads than anywhere else.

And that is also why online advertising has become the fuel that fires content creation on the internet. Because if you are a content creator with a blog or a website getting good traffic, or have a YouTube channel with videos that are getting thousands of views on a monthly basis, you are pretty much guaranteed a stable income generated from ad revenue.

But! Here’s the catch: online ads don’t appear magically on websites or videos, and they don’t generate money for website owners by simply sitting there.

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What Is Google AdSense?

So we talked about what online advertising actually is in our previous chapter, and we happened to mention that, for all intents and purposes, it is all about generating revenue through targeting placements with ads.

Or in simpler words, that it is all about using online properties to serve ads that reach a defined audience with the purpose of getting engagement with the ads.
It is a win-win situation because advertisers can use relevant placements on niche properties to promote their stuff and publishers can make money from basically renting placements on their properties to the advertisers.

Now, how do advertisers place ads on, say, a website? And how do publishers and content creators insert ads on their properties? The simple answer is: they sign up to an ad network, which works as a middleman between advertisers and publishers.

What ad networks do is to connect advertisers with a network of online properties where they can serve their ads, as well as to add online properties to those networks through publishers and content creators.

There are many, many ad networks around, but the most popular, and by extension, the largest one as well, is Google AdSense. And because of that, it is an advertising platform full of unique features and peculiarities.

For starters, the AdSense platform can be described as an online advertising program run exclusively for publishers by Google, which allows them to add their online properties to the “Google Network” of content sites.

Once publishers add their sites to this network, they will be able to serve online advertisements using automatic text, images, video, and other types of interactive media right on their sites. These advertisements, or ad units, are targeted according to a site’s content and audience.

These ad units are generated and managed by advertisers on Google’s own AdWords network, and they are administered by Google itself. In other words, Google serves ads on sites that are part of the AdSense network on behalf of advertisers that are part of the AdWords network.

Now, we all know that publishers and content creators are not going to lend their valuable online real estate out of a sense of charity; They’re in it for the money! But how do AdSense ads generate revenue on a site?

It is simple: advertisers pay Google to put their ads on the AdSense network, and then Google splits those earnings with the owner of the online property where these ads happen to appear, once again, based on the type of content on the site and its audience.

And the way these ads generate revenue is through clicks and impressions. “Per-click” revenue is generated when a visitor clicks through an ad to visit the advertiser’s site or landing page, and “per-impression” revenue is generated per every thousand impressions or views on an ad.

That is why sites on the AdSense network should strive to offer the best content possible, to a very engaged audience, on a regular basis. 

I hope this helped 🙂