What is the Format of Content Writing and Blog Writing?

Hi, I am sharing 11 tips – These are Must do tips, which will help you with the Format of Content & Blog Writing – so let’s get started ->

Before we go ahead it’s important to understand that Content Writing Rules are based on 2 important facts:

  • People SKIM read when they read things on-screen
  • It’s harder to read things on-screen than on print

Now that you are clear with the above facts of web content writing –

Let’s understand these 11 Important Tips: –

  1. Format every blog / web content post – will make your blog posts easier for people to scan.
  2. Constrain column width: Keep the blog post column width about 80 characters or less (including spaces) and your readers will thank you for it.
  3. Use Headers & Sub headers : Headers and sub headers will break up long web content / blog posts, help people scan read your blog and make it easier for them to read the post.
  4. Use lists: Numbered lists or bullet-pointed lists help people scan blog posts fast and find the information they’re looking for quickly.
  5. Use punctuation: Use full stops, commas, dashes, and colons to break up each paragraph into smaller pieces of information that make sense quickly.
  6. Short paragraphs: Because reading is harder online it’s best to break the text into manageable chunks.
  7. Font size: Big is better. Teeny tiny writing is hard to read online. Make it bigger. Cause don’t forget most people are accessing your content over the Mobile phone!
  8. Capital letters: Use capitals for proper nouns and at the beginning of sentences but avoid writing all in capitals because it’s harder to read.
  9. Whitespace: Make sure your web content or blog isn’t too busy or distracting and gives readers somewhere to rest their eye from time to time.
  10. Background color: Most blogs and websites get the contrast between text color and background color wrong – please keep it simple – background should be white.
  11. Use images: Good use of images will draw readers into your blog posts.

I think this is good enough for you to kick start your content / blog writing