What is the most Crucial Step to Effective Content Writing?

Speaking to Your Customers via content is THE most crucial step!

One of the key components to good content writing is to make your copy speak directly to your customer. This means avoiding the common tendency of being generic.

It also involves speaking to the customer, not at them. By making your copy personal, you will have a better chance of reeling in your customers and really grabbing their attention.

People respond best to their name. When a person sees something with their name on it, they are more likely to read it. The internet offers many tools that allow you to personalize your copy for your customers.

Knowing your audience is a must. This is critical to writing copy. You have to understand them in order to be able to write for them. When you are writing a copy, you want to speak to your customers thus engage them. You do not want to preach at them or jam your message down their throat.

Keep it Simple

Your copy should be written so that an average person can easily read it and understand it. Many times when writing a copy, people get lost in technical jargon or tend to talk around the subject.
The trick is to just write in a plain and straight forward manner. Your customers will be more likely to read through to the end if you do.

You should write in a friendly manner. You want to avoid writing in third person, which comes across as distant and will not allow you to really connect with your customers. You should try using first person, if possible. 

Inject Interest in your Content.

Your goal should be to keep the customer interested. You want them to keep reading. You have to grab their attention and keep it. You have to make what you are saying interesting to them.

You should always keep your objectives in mind so that you are focused when writing your copy. Even though you are trying to be friendly and engaging, you still have your main objective of selling to keep in mind. You have to learn to write copy so you can sell without being boring or pushy.

The internet marketplace has really changed a lot about content writing. The internet is a whole new world where everything is about the written word. In no other marketplace does the written word have so much power. 

Often if a person comes across a business website and the copy is not grabbing their attention and engaging them, they will simply click away. The opportunity for a sale is lost and the person is unlikely to ever return.

Online, you have one chance to make an impression. Your copy has got to be right on or you will not sell. It is that simple. Your content writing is the backbone of your online business. You can not mess around when it comes to your content writing.


Content writing for the online business marketplace is something that has a lot of power. It is the connection between the customer and the business. It is the one time a business gets to sell and the one time they have to impress potential customers.

Many things online are very impersonal. When a customer runs across something that is personal, they are likely to stop and take a minute to check it out.

The same thing can be said about being friendly. Many online things are quite blunt and when a person comes across something that is friendly and engaging, they are more likely to stop and read it.

Writing copy is almost an art form. Good copywriters can spin the best copy that will do everything from engaging the reader to selling the product, all without the customer ever feeling like they were being sold to 🙂

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