Why is Blogging so important?

As of today – Blogging is essential – to prove your expertise in which ever field you are ! This is a fact.

When you produce a blog on a subject that interests you, it is easy to quickly establish yourself as an expert in your field. As your readership grows, people will begin to respect your opinions and perhaps even invite you to write a “guest blog” on their own blog. Many bloggers are now regularly used as panelists at conferences, interviewed on television news programs and even viewed as celebrities themselves.

The blogging community is also a great place to learn new facts, encounter cutting-edge ideas and technologies, exchange gossip or rumor, and participate in a rewarding online social community where you can make new friends with people all over the globe, interact directly with experts, and make exciting new discoveries about topics that interest you.

For some people, blogging also provides a revenue stream. There are plenty of ways to make money through blogging as well…

Even for Companies – its important to maintain a blog for the prospective customers that way they can help them with their problems and provide relevant solutions – in return Connecting and building a relationship with their customers.
in short – the potential of Blogging is growing by the day !