Blog Content Ideas to drive more traffic – Start blogging Series-3

Business Blogging – Leads to Traffic! How to Write a Business Blog – Series 3

Selecting from an established set of blog post types will allow you to deliver
valuable, engaging content to your ideal reader or customer.
Likewise, you can enhance your content writing and convey superb posts in less
time by utilizing some prevalent post archetypes and tweaking them with your own
content and viewpoint.
Take a look at the list below of the types of blog posts that will help you curb the
blogger’s block and generate loyal visitors.

You can start adding them to your blogging quiver.

#1 How-to’s & Tutorials

Often People go to the web to cater to their curiosities and to learn how to
accomplish something. It could be change their oil, get debt under control, get Interior Designing ideas, Travelling Itineraries, How to Lose Weight tutorials etc.
Never forget, Your prospects and clients are the same. They have an issue, and you can help them sort it by making a well ordered post that leads them to an answer.
How-to posts are the not-so-secret sauce of successful business blogs.
How-to posts and tutorials establish your credibility and expertise in the
business. Regardless of the possibility that the reader does it all alone, in any event
she knows about your business now.

#2 Lists

List posts make it easy for your readers to read, share and put the information
into action. They streamline information into a numbered list that is attractive
to the reader to understand and comprehend and promise of the best results in less time.
They help to find the best information in the shortest amount of time.

#3 Resource Posts

If you are learning about a category, Resource and list posts are perfect. The only
difference between a Resource Post and List Post is that resource posts curate
other people’s content.
Well, if you don’t have the time to research, your intern or virtual assistant can do it
for you.
Always consider adding your own blog or resource to any “best-of” list.
Alternatively, you could curate tips from the experts in your field into a new blog
post, like 9 Blogging Tips and Tools Recommended by the Pros or 13 Blogging Tips
From the Experts.
Many times the experts will promote your post for you when you share a list of tips from them.

#4 Checklists and To-do’s

Audience is often seeking direction from you. If they have a question in mind, they
want someone to get them on the right track and get results.
These posts tend to focus on how to do something more efficiently and ensure
nothing is missed out.
Don’t forget to pack the kids!
You can add a printable PDF as a bonus. If you want you can either brand that PDF
with your company information or put it behind an email registration.

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Got that!

#5 Reviews

There are two kinds of review posts:
A straight review of a product or a compare and- contrast of multiple related products.
We do research on the web because as consumers, we rarely ever have the time to
fully test every product in a category. So if you can offer a head-to-head comparison of products you can drive a lot of traffic to your site.
Many blogs have made a business out of straight reviews of products and services.
You can find review posts of books, software, local restaurants and everything in

#6 Controversial Posts

Taking a controversial stance on a subject your audience is passionate about can
bring you to limelight.

All you need to be prepared is for some angry comments from the other side. You
need to have a thick skin or an excellent therapist, if you are looking forward for a
controversial post.

#7 Infographics

You will always find infographic when searching on a certain topic, like “dog
infographic” or “Internet statistics infographic.”
You can easily embed an infographic you like or you think will appeal to your
audience into your post. Then it’s just a matter of adding a paragraph or two to provide context for your readers.
blogging tips blog tips poonam mashru
People love sharing infographics & easy-to-digest statistics, so it’s a good bet
they’ll share your post with their audience.

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#8 Videos

If you’re creating videos and posting them to YouTube, that’s great! You’re taking
advantage of the second-largest search engine, gaining access to over a billion+
people who watch YouTube videos every month and building rapport with the
people who watch your video.
Surround your video with related contextual copy, or just include a transcript
of the video to create a valuable blog post. Either way, you’ll be getting more views
for your video and increasing the time visitors spend on your blog.

I hope this helped 🙂