Why Digital Marketing is important for your Business?

Digital Marketing and social media is having significant impact on the businesses today. Businesses are going online to improve their visibility and customer base. The businesses that will not go digital in the coming years will not be able to grow.

Benefits of Digital Marketing compared to Traditional Marketing are as follows:

1) Simple to Measure:
The campaigns that we create on the digital platform are easy to measure in terms of Impressions, clicks, engagement, etc. by which we are able understand who are my customers and how are they reacting to my products and services whereas on Traditional Media we are not able to get which are the leads that I am getting because of my advertisement.

2) Brand Development:
We are able to develop our brand by providing our service reach on various platforms. We are able to build Brand Awareness and also be able to get Brand Recognition on timely basis. We can also Create our Brand on Traditional Media But that takes longer time and long term continuous efforts.

3) Reduced Cost:
On the Digital front when I advertise, I am able to put my advertising expense as per my advertisement budget. Whereas on Traditional media, I have to spend as per the cost of each media.

4) Level Playing Field:
Any business can compete with any competitor regardless of size with a solid digital marketing strategy. On Traditional Media, a smaller retailer will struggle to match to the marketing efforts of a larger firm.

5) Greater Engagement:
With Digital marketing we can encourage our prospects, clients and followers to take action, visit website, read my products details, review them, etc. which is visible to my market. So it brings more publicity to my Brand in real short time.

6) Viral:
On Digital Front, my products, website, brand, advertisements go viral as people start liking it, they show it to others, share it with more people and this gives me more visibility in my market and I am able to grow faster. This doesn’t happen on Traditional front because even if people like my advertisement yet they are not able to show it any people.

To conclude, Traditional Media has its own benefits but it has a limited reach and growth, whereas Digital Medium gives a Brand a larger set of advantages in this growing world.

What are the differences between Traditional Marketing and Digital Marketing?