23 Tips to Get More Traffic via Social Media Platforms

23 Tips to Get More Traffic via Social Media Marketing:

1) Always Keep your Social Media Cover Pages looking beautiful and/or professional. You may need to hire people to do this for you (use Fiverr for reasonable creatives or Simply use CANVA on your own). This is extremely important because if your social media profile looks shabby, people will probably not have a very good impression of your company. And Never forget First Impression is the Last impression.

2) Sport a page design that corresponds to the nature of your company. You cannot just decide on what design to use based on your personal taste. Instead, it needs to be based on the nature of your services/products. For example, if your products are for children, your page should look fun and colourful.

3) Post how-to guides for your subscribers. It has been proven in internet marketing that most internet users like reading how-to-guides. If you always provide some once in a while, people will keep coming back to check your page.

4) Competitor Analysis: – Check the social media site of your competitor. Who knows? Your competitor might have come up with a cool new idea to present ideas. Looking at the page of your competitor will give you more ideas which you can use together with your own original ideas.

5) Regularly post new comments and news.

If you do not post regularly, your subscribers will think that your company is not active and is slacking off. To avoid this, you need to post news and comments regularly.

6)Learn to use SEO techniques.

When making posts and uploading articles to your blog site, make sure that they are made with SEO. This will make your social media account easier to find via search engines.

7) Make use of the old school method called email marketingYes, it is old. But it is still effective. Send potential leads an email that contains a link and/or follow button that will connect them to your blog page.

8) Always respond to questions if possible. Avoid ignoring your subscribersPeople will certainly ask questions. You should provide a response if you can. This is one way to show hospitability and people will appreciate it.

9) Do not always use just words. You can use multimedia once in a while. If all your announcements are just words and sentences, it will soon get boring no matter how interesting your posts are. So once in a while, try to convey what you want to say through videos, images, and presentations.

10) Try sporting several design schemes from time to time. One design theme throughout the year is too boring. It will also give people the impression that you lack resources, so try sporting a new look for your page from time to time. One good tip is to follow the changes of season (summer look, winter look) or you can also follow the coming of holidays (Christmas look, Halloween look).

11) Just a logo is not enough. Try uploading more photos related to your company. Some companies only upload their company logo. This is boring. You should post more photos about your company. Human Photos – people working, buying or selling in your organisation.

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12) Always upload photos of recent events that involved your company. If your company recently hosted or attended an event, you should post photographs of it. This way, people will see that your company is active.

13) Do poll questions once in a while. Keep it exciting. Studies show that people like answering quick poll questions on social media sites. Try doing it once in a while to entertain your subscribers. But keep it related to your business. For example, if you are in the fashion industry, maybe you can make a poll of which among a list of artists is more fashionable in their opinion.

14) Post updates about new promos that your company offers. Your social media profile is one good channel to announce promos and events that your company hosts. Also, it will keep your subscribers checking your profile.

15) Use share/link buttons. Have affiliate sites to post a link that will direct users to your blog site. This is one reason why it is important to have many affiliates on the internet. It will help you have more subscribers.

16) Keep the photo albums organized according to event and date. People like to browse photos. But it is annoying if different photos are just mixed together. Make sure that you organize them in albums.

17) Act like a leader, without being cocky: People need to feel that you are a leader – a driving force. IF you do this without being cocky, they will respect you.

18) Ask your customers and subscribers what they want to see next. IF you have no idea what your subscribers might like to see next, you can simplify things by asking them straight ahead. In fact, customers like it when you ask questions like: “What do you want to see next?” or “What do you want us to make for you next?”

19) Always post media exposure of your company. If your company has been featured in a magazine, a television show, or any media channel, make sure that you mention it on your social media site. Provide a link if available.

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20) Be in Touch with Current Events relating to your niche/topic/business You need to check for current events but you need to focus more on news that involve your market niche. You can also make posts about these news events as long as you do not side with any group.

21) Always use a catchy headline. If a title is inappropriate, then simply start the sentence with a catchy and interesting first sentence.

22) Use lists and bullet points. A long paragraph is tiring to read. Make it easier for your subscribers to read by making a list instead.

23) An occasional humor is okay. Professionalism should be observed at all time but some humor will put a smile on the face of your readers. If they are happy, they are more likely to buy.

I think I could go on and on …… but first execute the above – trust me it will take care of most of your social media needs.