16 Best ways to increase followers/subscribers Social Media Platforms

Top Tips for Increasing Followers & Subscribers

1. Come up with an editorial calendar: You may have plenty of things you want to share and say. But if you post all of them at the same, people will get confused. Also, you will quickly run out of things to share in the future. So make a timeline and plan which things you want to post first and which ones should follow in a chronological order.

2. Know your target market nicheThere are plenty of people that join social media sites. However, you do not really want to reach to all of them. You need to focus on a group of people which are ‘potential customers’. You should know who they are.

3. Always respond to questions if possible. Never ignore your subscribers, they will certainly ask questions. You should provide a response if you can. This is one way to show hospitality and people will appreciate it.

4. Do not always use just words. You can use multimedia once in a while. If all your announcements are just words and sentences, it will soon get boring no matter how interesting your posts are. So once in a while, try to convey what you want to say through videos, images, and presentations.

5. Use appropriate tone and language that suits your targeted market niche : For children’s toys, you should sound fun. For fashion items, you should sound trendy. For serious stuff, you should sound corporate.

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6. Always upload photos of recent events that involved your company: If your company recently hosted or attended an event, you should post photographs of it. This way, people will see that your company is active.

7. Do poll questions once in a while. Keep it exciting. Studies show that people like answering quick poll questions on social media sites. Try doing it once in a while to entertain your subscribers. But keep it related to your business. For example, if you are in the fashion industry, maybe you can make a poll of which among a list of artists is more fashionable in their opinion.

8. Be precise and brief in your message : People hate to read lengthy messages. Some of them are also busy. So keep you posts and comments brief and concise.

9. Decide on the appropriate comment sharing settings of your Youtube account. You can decide if you want to block other users from posting comments on your videos and on your profile page.

10. Learn to use SEO techniquesWhen making posts and uploading articles to your blog site, make sure that they are made with SEO. This will make your social media account easier to find via search engines.

11. Make use of the old school method called email marketingYes, it is old. But it is still effective. Send potential leads an email that contains a link and/or follow button that will connect them to your blog page.

12. On Facebook – Like pages or groups which are in some way connected to your market niche. By liking pages from other groups, you are exposing yourself to the subscribers of those pages.

13. Include a photo album which shows the faces of your company staffs : Studies show that people trust online organizations more if they can see faces. If there is no face, it is as if the organization is hiding something.

14. Your Facebook posts should be in harmony with your Twitter posts, if you have both. Contradicting posts on your Twitter and Facebook account will be seen as an inconsistency. Subscribers might question how your company runs things.

15. Do not follow more people than the number of people following you. If you are following more people than the number of people of following you, it will make you look desperate. This is not good for your company image. You must exercise some degree of self-importance.

16. Avoid uploading contents that are not related to your market, unless it is part of your marketing strategy. Sometimes, it might be necessary to add some fun stuff as a form of entertainment. But do not make it a hobby.